4 Signs of a Worn Muffler

worn mufflerIgnoring a worn muffler will only lead to a snowball effect of car problems. Of course, not every car owner recognizes the signs of a worn muffler or even know what this vital part does. We’ll explain the purpose of a muffler and how to recognize a muffler past its lifespan.

What Is a Muffler?

A muffler is part of the exhaust system. Its job is to muffle the noise emanating from the exhaust process, hence the name. This vital component also removes exhaust gasses from the vehicle. Like any other auto part, mufflers wear with age. Luckily, a damaged muffler gives off signs that it’s no longer operating at its peak.

Symptoms of a Dying Muffler

Our auto service always looks for these signs of a worn muffler when diagnosing a vehicle.

1. Loud Noise

Your car will sound louder than usual when the muffler begins failing. Aside from the higher volume, also keep your ears open for any rattling noise. This may be a sign of a muffler that is loose or nearly detached.

2. Exterior Damage

Use a jack to raise the vehicle and visually examine the muffler. Look for visible signs of damage, such as rust or holes.

3. Water

Is liquid seeping from the muffler? A little bit of dripping is normal and no cause for alarm. However, if water is leaking from multiple locations, then you have a problem.

4. Foul Odor

Do you smell exhaust fumes in the cabin? Mufflers direct fumes out of the car; fumes making their way inside can be fatal for the driver and passengers.

We Replace Worn Mufflers

Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage if you suspect muffler damage. We repair and replace mufflers for all makes and models, including classic cars. A worn muffler not only inhibits car performance but may also pose a safety hazard.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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