Should You Upgrade to Fuel Efficient Tires?

fuel efficient tiresAs suggested in its name, fuel efficient tires are designed to maximize overall MPG. Yes, we know tire selection can be confusing with all the varieties, ranging from seasonal to competition DOT tires. We’ll explain the concept of fuel efficient tires and how they improve your commute.

Fuel Efficient Tires—How Fuel Efficient Are They?

Fuel efficient tires are constructed to reduce the rolling resistance. The rolling resistance is the force that works against the engine as it moves the vehicle. Less rolling resistance from the tire means higher fuel economy.

Top tire manufacturers have released their own versions of fuel efficient tires. Goodyear, for instance, has a brand of tires that decrease rolling resistance through a special construction in its sidewall. Goodyear also reinforced the tires for all-weather use. With this type of tire construction, you can save roughly 2,600 miles of fuel over the tires’ three to four-year lifespan.

Our auto service is not endorsing Goodyear; we’re just using it as an example of the many type of tires with fuel efficient capabilities.

The Outlook of Fuel-Efficient Tires

Such tires are actually nothing new and have been around since the 90s. However, they’re just starting to gain traction as the public becomes more conscious of green living. Expect the tires to become more commonplace as car manufacturers compete for the label of the most fuel efficient vehicle for their respective models. This is especially true of full-size pickup trucks, minivans, and SUVs, which are notorious gas guzzlers.

We’ll Fit Your Car with Compatible Tires

Whether you drive a modern or classic car, Bothell Way Garage will fit your vehicle with tires compatible for the make and model. We can do this for your next scheduled auto repair or maintenance. Fuel-efficient tires are just one of many ways to improve mileage and contribute to less carbon footprint.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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