Transmission Repair Vs. Transmission Service; Know the Difference

transmission serviceMost customers believe that transmission repair and transmission service are two terms that refer to the same reality. The two actually entail different kinds of work we provide at our auto service. We’ll explain the specifics of each, and how a transmission service can prevent the need for a much costlier transmission repair.

What Is a Transmission Service?

A transmission service is preventative maintenance performed at regular intervals, which are usually specified in the vehicle’s user manual. Here is what you can typically expect when bringing in your car for transmission servicing:

  • A fluid change—Though the mechanic may recommend a fluid flush to completely remove contaminants.
  • A filter change—This may include new seals, if the mechanic also has to remove the pan in the process.
  • Electronic check—The mechanic may also check the car’s ECU for error codes. This may include deleting the computer’s history of stored codes. This way, the computer relearns your driving and shifting habits.

What Is a Transmission Repair?

The mechanic may detect transmission damage and recommend repairs. This is more extensive and may include the following:

  • A complete examination of the electrical system.
  • Sensor replacement—A faulty sensor may give inaccurate information to the transmission, causing poor performance or faulty shifting.
  • Removal and disassembly of transmission—The technician inspects and cleans every disassembled part and replaces them if necessary.
  • If damage is severe, the auto repair may require a transmission rebuild or the installation of a remanufactured transmission.

Transmission repairs are more labor-intensive and costly. Remember, though, that you can probably prevent the need for it with regular transmission servicing.

We do Transmission Service and Transmission Repairs

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