Does Your Car Require a 150-Point Inspection?

150 point inspectionMany auto repair services advertise a 150-point inspection. The number may be different; some offer a 100 or 50-point inspection. What exactly is this, and should you bring your car to the auto service for one of these checkups?

150-Point Inspection Explained

A 150-point inspection is simply a comprehensive auto check-up, where the mechanic inspects 150 different components of the vehicle. This may include a look at the check engine light or at engine performance under normal operating temperatures. The 150 points may differ slightly from shop to shop. However, they all generally cover the components that are crucial for safe and optimal car operation.

Here are some of the essentials we cover during our inspections:

Unibody inspections: we inspect for damage or signs of previous repairs.

Under the vehicle: This includes a thorough look at the suspension, tires, axles, ball joints, and brakes.

Car cabin: we check the interior electronics, buttons on the dash, and upholstery.

Road test: the mechanic will drive the vehicle to ensure it starts, idles, and drives properly. This will also include testing of components such as the cruise control function or the various drive modes.

Aftermarket parts: the mechanic will identify aftermarket parts, and determine if the modifications are acceptable. The technician will recommend removing modifications deemed a safety or performance liability.

Everything else: this includes anything not mentioned above, such as all the fluids, filters, etc.

The above points are more of a general rundown. Here is a sample of a 150-point inspection guideline set forth by Kia automakers.

We Do 150-Point or Similar Inspections

Call it a 150-point inspection, a routine tune-up, or something else. The point is, Bothell Way Garage thoroughly examines your car from the top down. We do 150-point inspections for all vehicle types, including hybrid, foreign, and classic cars.

150-Point Inspections for all Car Makes and Models

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