Does Your Car Require an Enhanced Flooded Battery?

enhanced flooded batteryA common complaint we have received over the years is the relatively short lifespan of replacement car batteries. In many of these instances, we realize that car owners are using the wrong battery type for their vehicle. Those that drive a newer model may require an enhanced flooded battery.

Cars with Stop-Start Technology Require an Enhanced Flooded Battery

Here’s the lowdown: if your car has stop-start technology, then it requires an enhanced flooded battery.

Stop-start technology is a feature that cuts off the engine when the car is stationary at a stoplight or in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The technology helps curb fuel consumption and emissions. The engine immediately restarts when the driver engages the clutch.

By 2022, 55.4 million cars worldwide are expected to have stop-start capabilities, up from 8.8 million in 2013.

What Is an Enhanced Flooded (EF) Battery?

EF batteries have a strong enough charge to continue to power the various electrical components when the engine is off. The battery also has the capacity to continuously restart the engine when the vehicle resumes movement.

When car owners replace their battery, they purchase a traditional lead acid battery at their local auto store. These batteries are not made to handle the demands of stop-start technology. As a consequence, the battery dies out way before its life expectancy, much to the confusion of the owner.

Cars with stop-start technology require EF batteries. This is true of all models, including classic cars retrofitted with modern technology. A routine auto service will determine the state of your current battery and if a replacement is in order.

We Replace Batteries

Is your car battery dying prematurely? Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage. Our auto repair examines the factors that may undermine battery efficiency. If your car requires an enhanced flooded battery, we’ll only use one from a trusted manufacturer.

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