How to Fix a Stuck Parking Brake

stuck parking brakeHave you ever pulled or pushed the parking brake a bit harder than you should? This may not seem like a big deal, until you realize it’s stuck when you try to release it. Sure, you can try to fix it later and just drive with the parking brake in place. However, this will damage the brake system. A stuck parking brake may require auto service intervention.

What Causes a Stuck Parking Brake?

Were you’re channeling your inner Hercules when you applied the parking brake? The more-than-necessary force, combined with corrosion, can cause brake cable erosion. To prevent corrosion be sure to use the parking brake regularly, even when parking on a flat surface.

Fortunately, modern cars have components within the braking system that protect the parts from moisture. Nevertheless, a stuck brake can occur in any vehicle, including hybrids and classic cars.

The brake can also become stuck in place if you leave it in place for a prolonged period. If you’re keeping the car in storage, do not engage the parking brake.

How to Fix It

Turn on the engine and let it idle for several minutes. The heat from the engine may help loosen the brake. You can also lightly rock the car back and forth by repeatedly switching between drive and reverse. Apply very little gas pressure while you do this. You can also try pumping the regular brake a few times.

If this fails to do the trick, then the next step is towing the vehicle to an auto repair shop.

We Repair Jammed Parking Brakes

Is your parking brake refusing to budge? Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage; an expert technician will determine what’s going on. You should refrain from driving with a stuck parking brake because this will only exacerbate damage.

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