Car Filters Maintenance: Clean or Replace?

car filters maintenanceCars have multiple filters. In some cases, owners can clean and reuse a filter several times before they need to replace it. Is this the best car filters maintenance practice? We receive this enquiry all the time. Should you clean or replace a car filter?

Intake and Cabin Air Filter

A car’s air filters are made from a combination of cotton, foam, and paper. Engine intake filters prevent pollen, dust, smog, and other contaminants from reaching the engine. Cabin filters prevent the same from reaching and polluting the interior cabin.

DIY air filter maintenace is possible. You can wipe away debris with a damp cloth or use a vacuum. Air filters are also inexpensive; consider a replacement after two or three cleanings. Never reuse a filter indefinitely.

Oil Filter

The oil filter is made from cellulose; it filters metallic particles and oxidized oil. Black oil on the dipstick is an indicator of a worn oil filter. The check engine light coming on is another sign.

While you can technically clean an oil filter, our auto service recommends a replacement with every oil change. Cleaning an oil filter is a difficult and time-intensive task.

Fuel Filter

Fuel passes through the fuel filter before reaching the engine. The filter intercepts debris that may inhibit combustion. A clogged fuel filter causes stalling and difficulty starting the engine.

Like the air filter, you can clean the fuel filter. However, if you experience symptoms of a full filter, we suggest bringing the car to an auto repair center. The symptoms may indicate other underlying issues.

We Clean and Replace Filters

We replace all filters for regular and diesel vehicles. Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage if it’s due for a filter swap and other general maintenance. While we clean and replace filters, we usually recommend the latter to ensure the highest performance level.

Filter Change for All Car Models

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