Increase Your Chances of Passing an Emissions Test

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33 states require an emissions test. Washington is one of those states. The odds of failing a test increase with the vehicle’s age. We’ll show you some easy tricks to increase your chances of passing an emissions test on the first go.

1. Sufficiently Warm Up the Engine

Drive on the highway or freeway for about 20-minutes. This warms up the engine, thereby reducing the level of hydrocarbons in the tailpipe. You should also consider testing on a relatively cool day. A warm engine taking in cool air runs more efficiently; this will factor in to how you do on the emissions test. 

We also suggest making an appointment to prevent having to wait. Waiting means shutting the engine off, which causes it to cool down. Ideally, the engine should be warm at the time of testing.

2. Inflate Your Tires

Check your tire pressure prior to an emissions test. During the exam, the inspector will run the vehicle on what’s called a dynamometer. This allows the testing equipment to collect an exhaust sample while the tires are in motion. Sufficient tire pressure helps the engine turn the wheels with less effort. This leads to slightly cleaner exhaust that can make the difference between a borderline pass and borderline fail.

3. Use Fuel Additives 

Our auto service provides fuel additives that mix with the gasoline and clean the carbon deposits in the engine. This allows a freer flow of fuel and air, thus lowering emissions output. Fuel additives are also available at your local auto store.

We Help Your Vehicle Pass an Emissions Test

Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage prior to an emissions test. Our auto repair includes maintenance that increases the chance of a first-time go. This includes all models, even classic cars with old-style engines. Passing an emissions test is easy, as long as you follow simple pre-test procedures.

Pre-Emissions Testing Inspection

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