Driving with the Oil Light On: Is This Safe?

oil light, engine warning light

You never want to see an engine warning light come on while driving. One of these is the oil light. This indicates one of two scenarios: the car is either low on oil, or the oil pressure is low. Can you continue to safely drive with the oil light on?

What to Do When the Oil Light Comes On?

If this engine warning light abruptly comes on, pull over and pop open the hood. Check the oil level by pulling out the dipstick. If the oil is low or appears crusted, then it needs filling. We recommend keeping a bottle of motor oil in your trunk for such situations. Be sure the formula is suitable for your car model.

If the oil level is normal, then you might have low oil pressure. This may be due to a faulty pump, which isn’t circulating enough oil. Adequate oil pressure is vital to t lubricating metal surfaces. Low oil pressure is harder to detect and requires diagnosis from an auto repair service.

Can You Drive with the Oil Light On?

If the dipstick indicates low oil, add some oil and restart the car. If the oil light goes away, then you solved the problem; you may resume driving. If this engine warning light stays on, or if you suspect low oil pressure, then do not continue to drive. While you can probably drive for a few more miles, err on the side of caution and call a tow service. Bring the car to an auto service. Driving with the oil light on may be detrimental to engine health.

We Correct Oil-Related Issues

Oil is the lifeblood of a car’s engine; this goes for all engine types, including diesels. Low oil or pressure warrants immediate professional attention. Bring the vehicle to Bothell Way Garage for a diagnosis. Driving with the engine oil light on might exacerbate engine wear.

Car Engine Diagnosis and Repairs

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