Four Car-Related New Year’s Resolutions

car resolutions, new year’s resolutions

Once again, we come to a new year. What will be different this time around? The usual weight loss and pay raise goals are fine. However, why not add to that with some New Year’s resolutions for your car? Your automobile is an expensive investment and deserves consideration. 

1. Maintenance

Most New Year’s resolutions include earning more or saving more money. Basic car maintenance actually saves you money. A regular oil change, for example, costs between $25 and $75. Not changing the oil at all accelerates engine wear. The cost of an engine rebuild, by the way, runs between $600 and $1,200!

2. Set Up an Automobile Account

Open a separate account, allotting the money solely to auto repairs and car-related expenses. If the year ends and no major repair expenses come up, use the money towards the purchase of a new car.

3. Be a More Alert Driver

You may be guilty of bad driving habits from time to time without even realizing it. Do you multi-task behind the wheel, such as eatngi or talking on the phone? This year, commit to staying focused on driving and nothing else. Distracted driving severely reduces your reaction time.

4. Clean Your Car

This is not really related to auto service, but you should still clean your car inside and out for pride’s sake. A clean car shows that you take care of your property and value your set of wheels. If your car is in really bad visual shape, then consider a professional detailing. 

We Help Motorists Commit to New Year’s Car Resolutions

Whether you own a traditional, hybrid, or diesel car, bring it on over to Bothell Way Garage. Make 2019 the year you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. New Year’s car resolutions ensure that you don’t run into unexpected mechanical issues.

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