Understanding Maintenance for Classic Cars & Antique Cars

classic car maintenance, antique car maintenance

Repairing classic cars is one of our specialties. However, classic cars are not to be confused with antique cars. Most people treat the terms interchangeably, but the automobile industry use these terms to describe different vehicle types. Here’s how maintenance for classic cars and antique cars differs.

Understanding The Two Designations

Before we explain the difference, we must emphasize that grey areas exist between classic and antique cars. For instance, where you register your car could determine whether it’s a classic or antique. Therefore, don’t take what we say as absolute truth. 

Under DMV guidelines, you may register your car as an antique if it’s at least 25 years old and you treat it as a collector’s item. Treating your car as a collector’s item means you can’t exceed a certain mileage with it. You also cannot treat it as your primary vehicle. In some instances, it may also require a special license plate.

Classic cars, on the other hand, generally refer to any vehicle more than 20 years of age. Of course, this isn’t black and white by any means. Hardly anyone would consider a 1998 Toyota Camry, for example, a classic car, even though it fits the technical definition.

What About Vintage Cars?

Vintage cars are a third category. This term describes vehicles built between the years 1919 and 1930. Others designate the year gap as 1919–1931. This includes sought-after collectibles like the Ford Model A. The year range usually does not change as time moves forward.

Vintage cars are true rarities, and we get gleeful in the rare instances a customer brings one to our shop.

We Maintain and Repair Classic and Antique Cars

Classic, antique and vintage cars all require extra maintenance if you want them to run well. We love doing this kind of maintenance; and we’re good at it. We also perform auto repair on all cars regardless of the model year. Our auto service can also retrofit the vehicle with modern parts, so it meets today’s performance standards. If you’re an automobile collector, bring your classic or antique car to Bothell Way Garage.

Classic and Antique Vehicle Maintenance

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