Does Your Car Need an Engine Overhaul?

engine overhaul

The engine is the lifeblood of your car and requires regular upkeep. If you have an older car, your local auto service may suggest an engine overhaul. What exactly does this entail? Does this mean the engine is damaged beyond repair?

What Is an Engine Overhaul?

Many mechanics use the term “engine overhaul” loosely, so it can have different meanings. Some technicians use the term to describe a simple chassis-based rebuild. This means the engine requires a few parts replacements, such as a new cylinder liner or piston rings. 

Other mechanics use the term to describe more extensive servicing. In this scenario, the technician needs to remove the entire engine from the chassis and take apart every removable part. Each part is cleaned or replaced with factory-grade replacements.

When a Rebuild Is Necessary

Some car enthusiasts, such as classic car owners, opt for an engine overhaul every few years to keep their older car performing like a newer model. Your car may also need an engine overhaul if you notice some of the classic symptoms of engine troubles. This includes:

  • Low oil pressure: damaged valves and broken piston rings may cause an oil leak. This reduces oil pressure, and the car may use oil more rapidly than usual.
  • Irregular engine noise: you may hear rattling sounds, which may indicate broken piston rings. You may also hear engine “chattering,” which may suggest a faulty valve train.
  • Bad spark plugs: if a spark plug inspection reveals discoloration, then the valve train or piston ring may require replacement.

We Perform Engine Upkeep

Our auto repairs include engine checkups for all car years and models. Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage if the engine shows signs of wear. Depending on the extent of damage, we can perform a complete or partial engine overhaul.

Automobile Engine Overhaul and Rebuild

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