Cruise Control Failure? Find Out What’s Wrong

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Cruise control is a common feature in many modern cars that increases driver comfort during long drives. However, like any other component, this part can cease to operate. Are you experiencing cruise control failure? Here are some of the common underlying causes of failure.

What Is Cruise Control?

Cruise control comes standard in many vehicle models, including retrofitted classic cars. It’s a feature that locks the accelerator at a specific speed. This allows the driver to maintain a set speed without maintaining foot pressure on the pedal. This reduces driver fatigue, especially when driving for long distances on an interstate highway.

So, what are the causes of sudden cruise control failure?

1. A Blown Fuse

Cruise control is electronically operated, meaning it requires a fuse. A short circuit can cause the fuse to blow. The cruise control function will stop functioning altogether. An auto service will need to examine the fuse and circuitry.

2. Faulty Speed Sensor

The speed sensor informs the driver of the car speed. It also regulates fuel flow and ignition timing. In order to keep the car at a constant speed, cruise control relies on readings from a speed sensor. Driving with a faulty speed sensor is dangerous; resolve this issue immediately.

3. Faulty Brake Pedal Switch

The brake pedal switch enables the brake lights to flash on when you engage the brake pedal. Cruise control automatically shuts off when you apply the brakes. However, disengagement may not happen if the brake pedal switch is faulty.

Cruise Control Not Working? Let Us Have a Look

Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage if the cruise control is not functioning properly. Our auto repair service will determine the cause of failure. If your cruise control is not working, let our auto technicians have a look.

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