Brake Pad Care: How to Make This Essential Component Last Longer

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Well maintained brake pads are essential for achieving optimal brake function. As a motorist, your driving habits may unknowingly be causing your brake pads to wear prematurely. Here are some fundamentals of brake pad care that will keep wear and tear to a minimum.

Control Your Speed

Friction is a primary cause of brake pad wear. Friction generates heat whenever you apply the brakes. Applying the brakes hard at high driving speeds produces more heat. Only apply the brakes hard at high speeds when absolutely necessary to avoid a collision. A lighter touch, applied sooner, is a better technique.

Don’t Overload the Car

Don’t add unnecessary weight to the car if you can help it. More weight means you’ll put more pressure on the brake pads when you apply the brakes. Do not store heavy items in the vehicle on a regular basis. Your trunk should normally not have anything other than the essentials, such as an emergency roadside kit and bottled water.

Brake Fluid Change

As mentioned, heat is the enemy of brake pads. This is why brake fluid is so important. It keeps the temperature under control, especially in situations where you apply excess pressure. In an auto repair, a mechanic may suggest a brake fluid change as part of a regular car upkeep.

Pedal Control

The conventional way to drive is to use the right foot for both the gas and brake pedal. However, some people opt to use the left foot for the brake and right foot for the gas pedal. This may result in simultaneously pressing on both pedals at once. This accelerates brake pad wear.

Leave Brake Pad Care to Us

Beyond good driving habits, you should also bring your car to Bothell Way garage for regular auto servicing. We inspect all components of the brakes for all vehicle types, including classic cars. Brake pad care is a multi-step process that involves good driving habits and regular auto maintenance.

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