Halloween Driving Safety Practices: Be Mindful of Trick-Or-Treaters

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Young trick-or-treaters are warned to be mindful of motorists and strangers on Halloween evening. However, drivers must also exercise extreme caution if they’re commuting on local streets. As a driver, you have a duty to follow Halloween driving safety practices to keep neighborhood kids safe.

Be Mindful of Pedestrians

It goes without saying that pedestrians—most of them trick-or-treaters—will be out and about. Some also will be dressed in dark-colored costumes with limited visibility. Actively scan the road and drive at least five miles below the designated speed limit.

Forego the Radio

Aside from your eyes, you’re also going to need your ears. Actively listen for children who may be entering a crosswalk or traveling within close proximity of your car. If you must listen to the radio, turn down the volume. Keep the sound low enough to hear a honking horn or the nearby footsteps of pedestrians.

Be a Responsible Drinker

In a 2011 report, 38% of Halloween accidents involved intoxicated driving. We understand that adults like to partake in the festivities as well and often do so with alcohol. If this is you, then please plan to have a designated driver or call for Uber.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Fall presents multiple road hazards, such as obscured potholes and more slippery roads. Whether you drive a regular or diesel car, be sure it’s able to handle fall driving conditions. A tire check for alignment and balance is especially important.

Follow Halloween Driving Safety Practices to Keep the Community Safe

October is also a good time of year to bring your car to Bothell Way Garage for auto servicing. This is especially so if you have been holding off auto repairs for some time. Follow these Halloween driving safety practices to ensure that children and adults alike enjoy an accident-free evening.

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