Classic Car Suspension: Why Repair and Maintenance Require a Specialist

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The suspension comprises the parts that connect the tires to the rest of the vehicle. It includes the ball joints, springs, shock absorbers, etc. Classic car suspension repair and maintenance require the aid of someone educated and experienced with older model vehicles.

Signs of Suspension Problems

The symptoms of suspension issues on a classic car are more or less identical to those of a modern vehicle. This includes:

  • Uneven tire wear and pressure
  • Difficult steering
  • Veering to one side even when you keep the steering wheel straight
  • Bounces and jerks—you feel every bump and vibration.

These indicators can even be more pronounced on a classic car. If you have ever driven a classic vehicle, you know it’s harder to handle. This is due to the lack of modern features like power steering. If the suspension is faulty, it can create a difficult steering situation on a car that’s hard to steer to begin with. This can create a dangerous scenario if the driver lacks experience handling a vehicle without modern technology.

The Solution

Classic car repair and maintenance usually require an auto service with extensive experience working on vintage automobiles. The reason is simple: repairs often require new parts. It can be difficult acquiring OEM parts on a vintage vehicle. Of course, many aftermarket parts can be retrofitted to a classic car. Some owners, though, prefer every component to be an original part.

Either way, maintenance and repair require knowledge in auto mechanics from the 1960s, 1970s, and before. They also require having connections with suppliers of original vintage parts.

We Perform Classic Car Suspension Maintenance and Repair

Not every general auto repair service has the know-how to perform suspension diagnosis on a vintage automobile. Bothell Way Garage has years of experience in classic car suspension repair; entrust your precious collector vehicle to us.

Classic Car Maintenance and Repair

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