You Can Replace an Airbag After it Deploys

replace airbag, deploy airbagAirbags are an integral part of vehicle safety and became a federal requirement on all cars beginning in 1998. Of course, airbags don’t usually deploy unless you have been in a collision. What actions should you take to replace your airbag after it deploys? Will your car still be drivable?

Airbag Deploys: Now What?

Follow the normal steps after a collision. If there is serious injury, either to yourself or a passenger, call 911. As far as driving goes, do NOT drive the car after the airbag has deployed. Most modern cars have a safety mechanism in place that automatically shuts off the engine to prevent further operation. If for some reason the engine is still running, turn off the ignition right away. A collision can result in a fuel leak, creating a fire hazard.

The car will need to be towed to an auto repair center for an assessment and an airbag replacement.

Is the Car Totaled if the Airbag Deploys?

A prevailing belief is that the car is considered totaled once the airbag deploys. This is not always the case. States have their respective definitions of what constitutes a totaled vehicle. In most states, a car is considered totaled if damage exceeds 75% of the car’s total monetary value.

The airbag’s deploying does not automatically make the car a total loss. However, airbags are expensive to replace and can cost upwards of $1,000. This can contribute to the cost reaching that 75% threshold. This is especially true of older cars that have already undergone significant depreciation.

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Our auto service works on all vehicle types, including diesel and classic cars. Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage for your next scheduled maintenance. Let us have a look if you suspect internal damage in a collision where the airbag deploys.

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