How to Remove a Stuck Lug Nut in Kingsgate

stuck lug nut KingsgateRemoving a tire seems like a straightforward task. However, one of the most common problems for car owners in Kingsgate is dealing with a stuck lug nut. No matter how much muscle you put into it, the bolt just won’t budge. What do you do?

The Cause of Stuck Lug Nuts

Various causes result in a stuck nut. The most common reason is corrosion, which locks the nut onto the threads.

During a tire replacement or adjustment, an unprofessional mechanic may also overtighten or use the wrong nut. The mechanic realizes the mistake but doesn’t fix it, knowing the owner probably won’t detect the problem for months. Car owners who are replacing a flat tire often face this problem, and they’re forced to call a tow service.

The Solution

If one of these scenarios is the cause, it’s probably no use trying to remove the nut with a simple lug wrench. You’ll have to take the car to an auto repair company. Sometimes, a commercial removal tool is in order.

However, you can always try a few tricks of the trade before resorting to an auto service. You can apply blunt force to the head of the nut with a chisel or similar object. The impact creates vibrations that loosen the corrosion.

You can also apply heat. This causes the bolt to expand; once it cools it will contract. The expansion and subsequent contraction also help to break up the corrosion. You can combine both blunt impact and heat, though neither method is fail-proof.

We’ll Remove Your Stuck Lug Nut near Kingsgate

Removing a lug nut seems like such a simple process, yet it’s often so problematic. Unless you have Thor-like strength, bring the car to Bothell Way Garage. We remove stuck lug nuts on all vehicles, from contemporary models to classic cars. Contact us today for help with all your auto needs!

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