Signs of Manual Transmission Wear in Lake Forest Park

manual transmission lake forest parkYou can’t derive the true pleasure of driving unless you know how to operate a stick shift. That’s the sentiment shared by many manual transmission car owners. If you belong in this minority class, you need to be privy to the signs of wear in a manual transmission. We’ll examine the warning signs of a worn transmission.

Grinding Sounds

You may hear the noise of gears grinding against one another. You could also hear this noise when you shift gears without fully engaging the clutch. However, if the noise persists even with proper manual shifting, you might have a transmission wear problem.

Burning Smell

A burning smell is never a good sign and may be an indication of an overheated transmission. The car probably lacks transmission fluid. This affects both manual and automatic transmissions. Fresh transmission fluid has a mildly sweet scent and should never have a burned smell.

Lack of Power

When you shift gears and the engine revs, it should accelerate as you engage the clutch. If the car does not accelerate in correspondence with the gear it’s in, something is wrong. An auto repair crew needs to have a look.

Slipping Gears

Shifting should always be smooth, provided you fully engage the clutch. If the shifter has trouble moving into gear or slips back into neutral, you have a serious issue. You probably have a hydraulic pressure problem, which indicates a leak within the master and slave cylinders. Slipping gears may accompany a burning smell and high engine revving. Immediately bring your vehicle for an service checkup if one or a combination of these occurs.

Service For Your Worn Manual Transmission near Lake Forest Park

We service manual transmissions on all vehicle types, including diesel cars. While manual transmissions tend to last longer than their automatic counterparts, they still require occasional upkeep. Call Bothell Way Garage if you notice signs corresponding to manual transmission wear. Contact us today with all your automotive questions.

Manual Transmission Repair and Rebuild near Lake Forest Park

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