Should You Upgrade to Fuel Efficient Tires in Woodinville?

fuel efficient tires WoodinvilleAs suggested by their name, fuel efficient tires are designed to maximize overall MPG. Yes, we know tire selection can be confusing with all the varieties, ranging from seasonal to competition DOT tires. We’ll explain the concept of these tires and how they improve your commute.

Fuel Efficient Tires—How Fuel Efficient Are They?

Fuel efficient tires are constructed to reduce rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is the force that works against the engine as it moves the vehicle. Less rolling resistance from the tire means higher fuel economy.

Top tire manufacturers have released their own versions of these tires. Goodyear, for instance, has a brand of tires that decreases rolling resistance through a special construction in its sidewall. They’re also reinforced for all-weather use. With this type of tire construction, you can save roughly 2,600 miles of fuel over the tires’ three to four-year lifespan.  We’re not endorsing Goodyear; we’re just using it as an example of the many types of tires with fuel efficient capabilities.

The Outlook For Fuel-Efficient Tires

Although these types of tires have been around since the 90’s, they’re just starting to gain traction, so to speak, as the public becomes more conscious of green living. Expect these kinds of tires to become more commonplace as car manufacturers compete for the label of most fuel efficient vehicle for their respective models. This is especially true of full-size pickup trucks, minivans, and SUV’s, which are notorious gas guzzlers.

We’ll Fit Your Car With Compatible Tires Near Woodinville

Whether you drive a modern or classic car, Bothell Way Garage will fit your vehicle with tires compatible for the make and model. Ask us about ‘green tires’ at your next scheduled auto repair or maintenance. Tires that produce better mileage are just one of many ways to contribute to a greener planet. Our technicians are also experts in service and repair of light-duty passenger diesel cars and trucks.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Fuel Efficient Tires Near Woodinville: Sales and Installation

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How to Store a Classic Car in Kenmore

store a classic car KenmoreAre you the proud owner of a classic car? Perhaps you own a restored 1964 Dodge Barracuda or a 1972 Ford Thunderbird. Many owners prefer to keep these cars safely in their garage rather than take them out for a spin. We’ll explain how to store a classic car and keep its components in tiptop shape.

Classic Car Storage Tips

Some vintage car owners never drive their vehicle except when they take it to the shop for a yearly inspection. If you fall in this category, we recommend following some simple guidelines.

For starters, be sure the car has fresh oil and a full gas tank before storing the car. Use a gasoline additive designed for storage. These are readily available at your local automotive shop. This allows the car to safely sit dormant for a year.

The battery is the other issue. To keep the battery alive, use a charger called the Battery Tender, which is designed specifically for inactive car batteries.

How to Store a Classic Car Outside

We know people who own multiple classic cars. If all the vehicles in their collection can’t be stored in a garage, they have to park one or more of the cars in the driveway. To protect these vehicles from the elements, use a tarp. However, don’t keep the tarp on indefinitely. Moisture can make its way in and cause rust, paint deterioration and mold. When the weather is clear, remove the cover to give the car some breathing space, so to speak.

We Service and Repair Classic Cars in Kenmore

Remember that even seldom-driven cars still require regular auto servicing. Parts, such as the tires, timing belt, and fuel pump can wear out simply from age. Bring your vintage car to Bothell Way Garage for a complete inspection. If it needs repair, our expertise is available for this as well. Properly storing a classic car maintains its value, aesthetics, and operability. Contact us today for more information.

Tips On How To Store a Classic Car in Kenmore

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A Primer on Modern Car Computers in Bothell

modern car computers BothellFun fact: Modern cars have a computer. They don’t have a built-in laptop or iPad under the hood, of course. The computer in a car is very different. Its job is to monitor various aspects of operation. We’ll explain the specific roles of modern car computers and how to identify signs of one which is worn out.

What Do Modern Car Computers Do?

Modern car computers regulate different controls in the engine and other components. These include the following, among others.

  • Engine emission
  • Idle speed
  • Spark plug
  • Fuel injection

Many modern vehicles—and some retrofitted classic cars—also have multiple sensors that gauge the engine temperature, oxygen levels, throttle position, and more. The sensor sends the information to the computer where it processes the data and adjusts engine output for peak performance.

Signs of a Faulty Car Computer

Like any other car part, the computer experiences wear and tear with age. If the “check engine” light switches on, then the computer likely has a problem. If the light is really dim, or blinks at inconsistent intervals, the computer is probably malfunctioning.

A car that won’t start is another sign. Of course, this can be attributed to a number of other causes. When you turn on the ignition, does the check engine light come on? If the light is not coming on, then the computer may not be receiving power due to a blown fuse or broken wiring.

Also, if you smell a burning odor, then the computer may be overheating. An auto service technician can locate the car’s engine control module and look for burn marks to confirm an overheated computer.

We Repair Car Computers

Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage if you notice any of the above symptoms. Repairs on modern car computers are just as essential as repairs for a transmission, suspension, or other vital component.  Contact us today!  We are equally adept at diesel repair.

Modern Car Computers Repair and Diagnosis in Bothell

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Vehicle Maintenance Checklist for Summer Driving

vehicle maintenance checklist

To get the most out of the summer driving season, you’ll want to be sure your car is working at peak condition. And knowing which things you should check before heading out for your annual vacation or weekend getaway is key.  Keep a vehicle maintenance checklist handy so you know what you need to check before your next outing.

Take Your Car in For Servicing

Regular oil changes are necessary to keep the internal parts of your engine working properly without overheating.   While you’re there, have your windshield wipers checked.  Dealing with winter snow and ice can damage your wipers. You don’t want to be driving in a downpour and discover that your wipers can’t clear your windshield properly. The service technician should also check your air conditioning.  Don’t wait until summer heat hits in full force to discover that the air conditioning in your car needs to have the coolant topped up.

Inspect Your Tires, Belts and Hoses for Signs of Damage

Check the treads for signs of wear or bulges. Replace if necessary. You should also check the air pressure in your tires regularly. Changes in temperature from day to night can cause tires to lose pressure more quickly and result in lower gas mileage. Ask your technician to inspect your belts and hoses for cracks, leaks and swelling. Summer heat has the potential to make these types of pre-existing situations worse, and you run the risk of a breakdown if you don’t have them repaired now.

Be Sure Your Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Includes Radiator and Battery

Have your technician check the coolant level in your radiator and have it topped up, if necessary. During the summer months, it’s harder for the engine to stay cool.   And be sure your battery is in good shape as well.  As your technician works through your checklist before you head out for the summer, he’ll let you know of any other issues you might have. With regular service and repairs, you’ll be less likely to run into major expenses with your car.  Contact us to set up an appointment for a tune-up or any other auto service or auto repair needs you may have. We all do diesel repair and classic car repair.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Completed at Affordable Prices

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4 Signs of a Worn Muffler

worn mufflerMuffler Inspection in Bothell

Ignoring a worn muffler will only lead to a snowball effect of car problems. Of course, not every car owner recognizes the signs of a worn muffler or even know what this vital component does. We’ll explain its purpose and how to recognize the symptoms of a failing muffler.

What Is a Muffler?

A muffler is part of the exhaust system. Its role is to muffle the noise emanating from the exhaust process, hence the name. This part also removes exhaust gasses from the vehicle. Like any other auto part, mufflers wear over time. Fortunately, a damaged muffler gives off signs that it’s no longer operating the way it should. Continue Reading →

Does Your Diesel Car Require Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

diesel exhaust fluid, exhaust fluidCar enthusiasts are always looking for ways to improve performance and reduce emissions output. Diesel car owners can achieve this through regular use of diesel exhaust fluid. Here’s how this simple addition to your vehicle can reduce harmful pollutants:

What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Diesel exhaust fluid is a solution consisting of deionized water and urea. Its purpose is to break down harmful nitrogen oxide in emissions and convert it into water and nitrogen. At no point does the diesel exhaust fluid come into contact with the diesel fuel. The two are stored in separate tanks.

How Does It Work?

Diesel engines operate on a precise air-to-fuel ratio. If the ratio is off and there is excess air, the combustion process produces nitrogen oxide, a harmful contaminant.

When the diesel exhaust fluid is injected into the exhaust system, the urea in the fluid produces ammonia. This element has a chemical reaction with NOx and converts it into nitrogen and H2O. Unlike NOx, nitrogen is harmless to the environment. H2O, or water, is obviously harmless.

Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid Compatible with Your Diesel Car?

Diesel cars require a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to be able to consume diesel exhaust fluid. SCR has been a mainstay in automotive technology for many years. However, it’s still somewhat of a novelty in diesel vehicles. All diesel cars built since 2010 have a SCR system.

You can find diesel exhaust fluid in local automotive stores. Some gas stations even have a diesel exhaust fluid pump next to the regular fuel pumps.

We Service Diesel Cars

Bring your car to Bothell Way garage for scheduled auto servicing. We serve conventional, diesel, and classic cars. We believe diesel exhaust fluid is a good way to reduce harmful emissions and recommend it for diesel car owners.

Auto Servicing for Diesel Vehicles

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You Can Replace an Airbag After it Deploys

replace airbag, deploy airbagAirbags are an integral part of vehicle safety and became a federal requirement on all cars beginning in 1998. Of course, airbags don’t usually deploy unless you have been in a collision. What actions should you take to replace your airbag after it deploys? Will your car still be drivable?

Airbag Deploys: Now What?

Follow the normal steps after a collision. If there is serious injury, either to yourself or a passenger, call 911. As far as driving goes, do NOT drive the car after the airbag has deployed. Most modern cars have a safety mechanism in place that automatically shuts off the engine to prevent further operation. If for some reason the engine is still running, turn off the ignition right away. A collision can result in a fuel leak, creating a fire hazard.

The car will need to be towed to an auto repair center for an assessment and an airbag replacement.

Is the Car Totaled if the Airbag Deploys?

A prevailing belief is that the car is considered totaled once the airbag deploys. This is not always the case. States have their respective definitions of what constitutes a totaled vehicle. In most states, a car is considered totaled if damage exceeds 75% of the car’s total monetary value.

The airbag’s deploying does not automatically make the car a total loss. However, airbags are expensive to replace and can cost upwards of $1,000. This can contribute to the cost reaching that 75% threshold. This is especially true of older cars that have already undergone significant depreciation.

Let Us Service Your Vehicle

Our auto service works on all vehicle types, including diesel and classic cars. Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage for your next scheduled maintenance. Let us have a look if you suspect internal damage in a collision where the airbag deploys.

Quality Automotive Service

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Does Your Car Suspension Have Worn Ball Joints?

worn ball joints, ball joints

Ball joints are an integral part of the suspension system and are found on all modern vehicles, including retrofitted classic cars. This part is a vital component that affects steering and turning. Identifying worn ball joints early can prevent handling issues. Here are some of the symptoms of wear and tear on your ball joints.

What Are Ball Joints?

First, a primer on ball joints. A ball joint is one the pivot points that connects the spindle to the control arm. Essentially, the joint allows the front wheels to pivot as you turn the steering wheel. Without the ball joint, the wheels would be exceptionally hard to turn, especially on rough road surfaces.

Symptoms of Worn Ball Joints

When a ball joint wears, it becomes loose, causing vibration while the car is in motion. You may feel this in the steering wheel and/or the floor. You may also notice the steering wheel pull to the left or right. Additional symptoms include a clunky sound and uneven tire wear.

Of course, the above symptoms may also be signs of other suspension problems. The only way to know for sure is to bring your car to an auto repair station. While a DIY visual check is possible, it’s an intensive process that requires raising the car with a jack. Leave this to a professional.

The Solution

The ball joint is encased in a dust boot to protect it from dust and other debris. While this protects it from contaminants, it also makes it inaccessible for visual inspection. Unfortunately, if the ball joint is worn, the whole assembly has to be replaced. Repair is seldom an option.

We Replace Ball Joints on All Models

Our auto service replaces upper and lower ball joints, as well as those on rear suspension systems. Bring your car to Bothell Way Garage if you notice the signs of worn ball joints.

Ball Joint Inspection and Replacement

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Classic Car Suspension: Why Repair and Maintenance Require a Specialist

suspension repair, suspension maintenance

The suspension comprises the parts that connect the tires to the rest of the vehicle. It includes the ball joints, springs, shock absorbers, etc. Classic car suspension repair and maintenance require the aid of someone educated and experienced with older model vehicles.

Signs of Suspension Problems

The symptoms of suspension issues on a classic car are more or less identical to those of a modern vehicle. This includes:

  • Uneven tire wear and pressure
  • Difficult steering
  • Veering to one side even when you keep the steering wheel straight
  • Bounces and jerks—you feel every bump and vibration.

These indicators can even be more pronounced on a classic car. If you have ever driven a classic vehicle, you know it’s harder to handle. This is due to the lack of modern features like power steering. If the suspension is faulty, it can create a difficult steering situation on a car that’s hard to steer to begin with. This can create a dangerous scenario if the driver lacks experience handling a vehicle without modern technology.

The Solution

Classic car repair and maintenance usually require an auto service with extensive experience working on vintage automobiles. The reason is simple: repairs often require new parts. It can be difficult acquiring OEM parts on a vintage vehicle. Of course, many aftermarket parts can be retrofitted to a classic car. Some owners, though, prefer every component to be an original part.

Either way, maintenance and repair require knowledge in auto mechanics from the 1960s, 1970s, and before. They also require having connections with suppliers of original vintage parts.

We Perform Classic Car Suspension Maintenance and Repair

Not every general auto repair service has the know-how to perform suspension diagnosis on a vintage automobile. Bothell Way Garage has years of experience in classic car suspension repair; entrust your precious collector vehicle to us.

Classic Car Maintenance and Repair

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Halloween Driving Safety Practices: Be Mindful of Trick-Or-Treaters

Halloween safety, driving safety

Young trick-or-treaters are warned to be mindful of motorists and strangers on Halloween evening. However, drivers must also exercise extreme caution if they’re commuting on local streets. As a driver, you have a duty to follow Halloween driving safety practices to keep neighborhood kids safe.

Be Mindful of Pedestrians

It goes without saying that pedestrians—most of them trick-or-treaters—will be out and about. Some also will be dressed in dark-colored costumes with limited visibility. Actively scan the road and drive at least five miles below the designated speed limit.

Forego the Radio

Aside from your eyes, you’re also going to need your ears. Actively listen for children who may be entering a crosswalk or traveling within close proximity of your car. If you must listen to the radio, turn down the volume. Keep the sound low enough to hear a honking horn or the nearby footsteps of pedestrians.

Be a Responsible Drinker

In a 2011 report, 38% of Halloween accidents involved intoxicated driving. We understand that adults like to partake in the festivities as well and often do so with alcohol. If this is you, then please plan to have a designated driver or call for Uber.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Fall presents multiple road hazards, such as obscured potholes and more slippery roads. Whether you drive a regular or diesel car, be sure it’s able to handle fall driving conditions. A tire check for alignment and balance is especially important.

Follow Halloween Driving Safety Practices to Keep the Community Safe

October is also a good time of year to bring your car to Bothell Way Garage for auto servicing. This is especially so if you have been holding off auto repairs for some time. Follow these Halloween driving safety practices to ensure that children and adults alike enjoy an accident-free evening.

Autumn Auto Repairs

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